G.Robert Phillips

Historycharleston.com is a website dedicated to the history of one of America’s most historic cities, a city with a 346 year history as dynamic and exciting as no other. The history will be presented in a number of ways. First, “This Day In Charleston History” will provide a little fact, aspect, interesting tidbit of something that happened in Charleston’s History on that day. Secondly, photos of the city will be presented highlighting activities, buildings, people, from time to time. Thirdly, overviews of particular topics will be presented, providing a more in-depth view. Other offerings will be included as time unfolds.

I have gained my knowledge of Charleston’s history from over 30 years of research. For ten years I taught Charleston History at a local high school. I am a registered tour guide and have been giving tours of Charleston for over 30 years. I have written a chronological history of the city called Historical Highlights of Charleston. At one time I wrote a column for the local paper entitled “This Week in Charleston’s History.” I graduated from the University of S.C. with a B.A. degree in International Studies, and The Citadel with a Masters in Education. I feel I know a lot about the city but I will be the first to admit I do not know everything about this beautiful city. I am constantly finding new things about the city, and will continue to do so. My wish is to share this history with the reader.